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You Tarzan, me French Maid: Sex is even more fun when you live out your fantasies. That scenario you always dreamt of - why not recreate it tonight? All those toys you were curious to try - now is the time. Don't dream it, enjoy it!
Massage, candlelight, elegant gowns, a five-course dinner and silken sheets. A kind word a the right time, flowers when they are least expected, a little gift that shows you truly care.
Treat yourself to a little more romance in your life.
It is more than the exchange of bodily fluids, it is the fusion of minds. Tantra, Kamasutra the wisdom of the ancient masters at your fingertips. Clear your mind, free your body, and get ready to experience energy and fulfillment you never thought possible.
The feel of leather, lace and latex, a little fetish, a little bondage. Let yourself go. Obey! Give in to the dark pleasures, the seemingly forbidden fruit. Enjoy sweet torture and the unbearable desire to do it again, right here, right now. There is always more to come...

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The best little tricks of the trade. How to train your body to its fullest potential, how to accessorize the bedroom, the incredible toys you get at your local supermarket, and, and, and. You'll be surprised!

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